Metal Buildings

At Dick Otke Construction Company, we design and build custom steel buildings for a wide variety of end-uses including commercial & retail, industrial, warehouse, community, agriculture, and everything in between. We are proud to be an authorized Nucor Building Systems Builder. Nucor Building Systems, a division of Nucor Corporation, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered metal building systems for more than two and a half decades.

By partnering with Nucor Building Systems, DOCC is able to offer our customers a wide array of building solutions that are custom designed to your specific needs, yet cost-effective, efficient, and faster to erect. Plus, Nucor Buildings Systems products are proudly made in the USA from steel that is nearly 80% recycled so you can feel good about your choice to use a Nucor metal building.

Personalized Builds Specific to Your Needs

One of the many advantages of metal buildings is that they can be constructed to fit your individual needs. From compartmentalized office spaces to open-air floor plans, Dick Otke Construction Company can design a build to fit.

Why Metal Buildings?

Custom Engineered

Each of our metal building systems is custom-designed using the latest in design technology to meet your unique needs. Our product is your solution!

Cost Effective

On average, our custom building systems cost less than conventional construction — often up to 30% less.

Faster Construction

Our steel building systems simplify construction and significantly reduce erection time. This means lower “in place costs” as well as quicker occupancy.

Lower Insurance Rates

Steel structures are more resistant to damage from natural occurrences like storms, high winds, termites, and more!

Easy to Maintain

Whichever external materials you choose, from brick to steel panels, exteriors of metal buildings require little maintenance.

Retain Value Longer

Steel buildings stay straight and true for years to come. The sturdiness of the structures and panels help to hold the value long-term.

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